About Us

AYA Hockey is a new Challenger Brand in the hockey market bringing essential stick shapes that we believe are technically perfect 

It all started with a bunch of us all who played, and still play, hockey at varying levels from club to national and international, wanting to create a great hockey brand. A brand that would produce market leading hockey sticks that we believe are technically perfect all at realistic prices.  

All ideas start with a problem - ours was simple: Top quality, carbon fibre, hockey sticks are expensive, in fact some are really expensive!   

The issue we all had was to find a carbon fibre stick of superior quality that wouldn't leave our wallets empty.  

We all asked ourselves "How about we produce top quality hockey sticks using leading technology that won't break the bank?" And so started AYA Hockey.     

As we know the hockey market is dominated by a number of large, "traditional", international, brands all who produce great sticks but also all who charge a great price. There were few options available....... until now! 

In our quest to design and produce what we believe are technically perfect sticks we started collecting data and feedback from all levels of player.  

With this data we spoke to specialised manufacturers. These manufacturers produce sticks for some of the best-known hockey brands globally. They told us what was possible, and what was not, however, they were keen to help. 

Armed with the knowledge gained from players and manufacturers we then set about sharing our findings with industry experts. This enhanced our knowledge about bow shape, balance point, and construction materials. 

We fed our findings back to our research and development team who designed two ultimate bow designs – the AYA Master Bow (MB) and the AYA Low Bow (LB). 

Both bow shapes are available in our 95 Series and our 80 Series.

We also add to carbon fibre to ensure the sticks are as good as possible. We use a range of other technologies such as Innegra™ and Nanostrength™ polymer technology which adds strength and rigidity, all whilst ensuring our sticks look great. 

So - Can a company produce top quality sticks that won’t break the bank?


AYA Hockey, where we believe our sticks are technically perfect and we know they are a fraction of the price of "traditional" brands. 

AYA Hockey - a company developed on feedback, born on necessity